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  • I never wanted to be a part of it

    You never asked me if I'm still doin' all right

    You were so blind


    You taught me a lesson and I'm still rehearsing it

    I tried to find a simple answer that night

    But I was lame in my mind


    Sweet voices, more excuses

    Damn, it took too long

    You ate me, tasted me

    And spit me out


    Tonight the smoke did clear

    I saved my soul in the easiest way

    I stay till I dive deep

    It's the only place where salvation's cheap


    I had no money for the cheapest aeroplane

    Believe me I would surely stay in the clouds

    To be lost and not found


    Just like that guy I would spread my wings and fly

    But I'm not Sammy and I ain't no bird so I stay

    At the Emerald Bar


    I won't be chasing your dreams that made me sick

    Being with you poisoned my days

    I won't be waiting for yesterdays to come

    Just one more drink that's the ultimate way

  • 2Lay of the follyCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Turn back the light

    Getting over the height

    Belief is power and guide


    Faith in the future

    Turns the things right


    Disbelief safeguards

    Against ardent faith

    Idleness is joy



    Can really enjoy


    Is your heart a heart?

    Is your soul a soul?

    Easy to blame

    Blowing out the flame


    Bringing light

    Endless fight

    Empty soul

    Empty mind

    Bringing light

    Shining bright

    Burning soul

    Genius mind


    Turn back the light

    Getting over the height

    Knowledge is power and pride


    Skills, faith and action

    Can turn the things right


    Folly is safeguard

    Against tiring thought

    Stupidity is their joy


    Faithless and folly

    Can only destroy

  • 3Return to nowhereCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Headless on an

    Endless highway

    No farewells

    Someday you will find

    Your Fortune



    Heaven and Earth

    Calling you

    Who could stop you

    You're always so sure


    You will be so alone my friend

    Who will be waiting for you at the end?


    Alone under

    The dark sky

    The Moon will

    Never ask you

    Who you sleep with


    Turning back?

    Going nowhere?


    Could you ever

    Feel so sorry?


    You will be so alone my friend

    Who will be waiting for you at the end?


    Consider at your final step

    Before the door

    Days go by and never come back

    Return to nowhere

    How could you lose your home

    To lose it all

    With time the wound gets deep

    And you were wrong

    You lost your home

    You lost our love


    Hopeless on an

    Endless highway

    No control

    Will you ever find

    Your Fortune


    Adventures in Hell

    It's for you

    no one asked you

    You're always so sure


    If you ever have this choice

    Don't turn back

    If you ever find a way back home

    If you ever hear the call

    Don't come back

    You'll be all alone

  • Now see through my eyes

    My secrets and lies

    The demons I have locked in my heart

    Made me colder than ice


    Always the same

    The night falls once again

    Embrace me and melt the fear in my soul

    And chase those ghosts away


    Wake me up with the sun

    The shine will not be gone

    Loneliness is no friend of mine

    Don't call me murder one


    The taste of life remains in my mouth

    Flashes of love like flames in the dark

    Walking the streets alone

    Your verdict may be hard


    The lust for life is turned into pain

    The curtain falls I'm out of the game

    So many years you tried to destroy what I became

    Murder of love was my name

    I can hear the days collapsing

    I can feel the sadness growing

    I can taste the feel of hunger

    I can see the days of thunder


    Hate me or make me smile

    Love me or make me die

    Do what you want, do what you feel

    Hurt me but never deny


    Now see through my eyes

    My secrets and lies

    Take what you need, give what you want

    Don't make me colder than ice


    I'm all alone

    So far from home

    Take me tonight


    You're out of range

    It feels so strange

    Make me fly


    The sun is rising

    The rays bring the ending of the night

    The stars are falling

    Will be suppressed by the light


    This is the cult of the mighty

    This is the way of the lord

    No chance in direct fighting

    Hide away and


    Kill the lord

    Hide away, watch out and

    Kill the lord

    We kill the lord


    The night is coming

    The lord is pushed off from the throne

    The stars are shining

    The sun is disappearing from the zone


    I'll stop the cult of the mighty

    I'll break the way of the lord

    Won't be embroiled in fighting

    Just hide away and


    Kill the lord

    Hide away, watch out and

    Kill the lord

    We kill the lord

  • 6The Relic (Evil hounting)CB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Eyes of fire

    Timeless god

    Haunting thoughts

    Finally came back to life again

    The power remains


    Recreates the might it had

    Speak those words

    Now it's awake and will dance again

    In this torrents of pain


    Evil haunting

    I am to keep far and save my soul

    Demons attacking

    They want to tie down my soul


    Evil haunting

    I am to keep far and save my soul

    Demons attacking

    They never can catch up my soul


    Smile in grief

    Laugh in fear

    Call his name

    Reunion of powers is yet to come

    By dethroning their god


    Wear his mark

    Wear his mask

    No one knows

    No one can tell that you still belong

    To his army of blood

  • I am the Ruler of Darkness and Light

    I am the Raper, violence is my bride

    I am the Nightmare of men

    I am much more than I ever can tell


    I told Prometheus to light my cigar

    The Vine of Gods a cheap drink in my bar

    Valhalla is my trashcan

    Master of the Winds takes care of some cool air


    The Book of the Dead is just a fairytale for me

    Atlas, you can hold my balcony

    The Lord of the Flies is caught in my web

    But my name you will never forget


    I am the Demonlord

    I am the Demonlord

    I am the Demonlord

    Lord of the Demons I am


    Zeus is responsible for party bonfire

    This secondhand performance is making me smile

    The Phoenix is locked in my cage

    My bathroom is boiling from Poseidon's rage

  • It's calling

    Inside my head

    Here in my bone, in my flesh, in my soul


    It's painting

    My mind so black

    Excluding the light of sense from my life


    There's so much left to destroy

    For the payback time

    No! I won't wait so long


    Believe me

    My game is on

    The sense of the story is here in my mind


    Sweet vengeance

    Keeps me so strong

    I bring back the pain to destroy your heart


    There's so much left to destroy

    For the payback time



    I won't wait so long

    Beware of my reactions

    The iron strikes back soon

    As hot as ever

    Hail clouds rise above

    Waiting for command

    You will know that it's the end

    The payback time began



    Is not my style

    You did what you did and now you must pay


    There's no chance

    To run or hide

    I will bring you the reckoning day

  • Days passing by

    I am drinking my beer

    In the bar where I'm always

    Spending my time


    The months passing by

    I'm searching for joy

    And I live for the moment, and

    Enjoy the night


    Never had the will to be strong

    Never had the chance to be found

    I only wish to make plans


    God, shake me out of my sleep

    Move me out of this slump

    Give me the power to act

    And make me


    Find a goal

    To be able to struggle for

    Find a goal

    To give sense to my life

    Find a goal

    What am I waiting for

    Find a goal

    No more wasting my time


    The years passing by

    Lately nothing have happened

    Just waiting for someone

    And losing the time

  • 10Morphing into realCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Always, always behind us

    Comes up, comes from the darkness

    No shape, evil and timeless

    Crawls out to chase us like animals


    From where the rivers have no source

    From where the hours run back to yesterdays

    Beyond the known side of the world

    It will arise when we'll forget its names


    May you call it the king without a face

    It's glass breaking voice will erase our memories

    No trace, no sound- rest in peace


    It's morphing into real

    By pain, by greed

    Its nature will reveal

    When the ending is near


    Go get your gun and bang the drums

    March on the fields, your sweat will feed its might

    Just drop the bombs and shake the earth

    Open your eyes and watch it burning bright

  • 11The Piper is backCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    You are a victim

    Evolution dies

    Don't trust tomorrow

    Wait until past lies



    Turned off it's way

    Insanity takes roots

    On the path of decay


    Never ever had a nightmare

    Never ever had a dream

    The human feelings

    Are always under the heel


    Gotta find another reason

    Gotta find another way

    But never ever forget to pay


    It's playing on you, it's playing on me

    You got what you wanted, you thought it was free

    You did leave the deal, and not realized

    Pay the price


    It's coming for you, it's coming for me

    You wait on the anvil, and you do not see

    Today is the time

    You have to pay the piper now


    No, there is no chance left to run away

    He's coming up

    No, there is no chance to make a delay

    You gonna pay

    No, there is no loophole you better pray

    He's coming up

    No, there is no chance, you die anyway

    You gonna pay



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