Adventures In Hell Pt.1


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  • 1Returning to the devil's towerCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY


  • They burned up their brotherhood

    To choose the fight or solitude

    The pleasure was their one and all

    They followed their lust,

    they followed the call


    The mistress promised " I'll praise the one

    When the fight is bloody done "

    Misled them to the will to kill

    Bargain is a bargain, and deal is a deal


    Find the way, keep the light

    Once they stood side by side

    Find the way to the cure - solitude


    The day broke in, the rage broke loose

    Finished with words and abuse

    Just raw power, but who's the blame?

    One of two brothers was doomed to fail


    Crashing devotion playing dice

    Leaving him to his own device

    The younger one is lying in the dust

    Dirt mixed with blood,

    pain fusing with lust


    Swords hallowed by the mistress' hand

    A brave man killed - senseless command

    The triumph is unreal, he knows it too

    Scarlet nightmares are coming true


    No one dares to say a word

    The silence around must be unheard

    Worlds collapsing in man's mind

    Solitude is the only pride

  • 3Prophet in meCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    I was born from a magical touch

    On the half way from evil to good

    Now push aside all of your doubts

    And look at the pendulum


    You always fear the time passing by

    It means nothing to me

    You're acting like sleepwalkers in the night

    But I have the gift to foresee


    You don't have to believe

    The things that I have foreseen

    You don't have to live by my rules

    But remember the prophet in me


    Running in circles like dogs on the line

    I only give you a laugh

    I'm stepping outward to outer realms

    where the distance is trapped


    Maybe I'm on outcast, but I don't care

    You should not knock on my door

    Pieces of darkness are growing fast

    I have seen mankind's fall


    Some live their life so spurious

    I tell you it's not curious

    Remember me when your clock strikes the last

    Winds of wisdom give me power

    And fill my sails to leave this empty land

    I don't belong here, I'm leaving the shore


    And when I'm gone, the places

    Beyond me full of sin

    And when I'm sailing on bright waters

    I'll know too, that the line I walk

    Is too thin

    (Between right and wrong

    true and false

    good and evil) is too thin

  • My trembling hands try to catch the shadows

    Which want to escape from me

    It proves too soon and I think he knows

    That my mind is sinking in eddies of sea


    I never tried to find the answers

    to my own decay

    Now you're gone, my mind is

    crawling in slow eclipse

    That once took me ease


    Ebony-faced morning is coming

    Hope fades away out of my eyes

    It proves too soon and I think he knows

    I became a slave, where evil presides


    Under the power of evil, under the ice

    Falling angels are hunting, gathering my cries

  • Now these three nails are all I've got

    Purest devastation, my own crucifixion

    It's the season to see the light

    No more chance to think, seraphic sounds calling


    There's someone waiting for me

    What will be my destiny

    Hot-flashing wounds caused by the thong

    Like saviours I die on the cross


    The manuscript of my life's undone

    Ain't no new horizons

    Just spears of burning iron

    My body aches, but it's not the worst

    The will is almost broken

    I'll be soon forgotten


    ...What will be keeping me there

    Heaven or dark depth of hell

    Hot-flashing wounds caused by the thong

    Like saviours I die on the cross

  • I tried to destroy the walls of the Romans

    As head of barbarian tribes

    I tried to hide from the soldiers of Herod

    To escort Icarus on his flight


    I tried to ruin Egyptian pyramids

    To incite revolt among the slaves

    I tried to constrain the armies of Spartacus

    To open again Eden's gates


    I look to the skies

    I ask the Gods "oh why?"

    Who's writing my fate?

    But everything I do, just won't turn out right


    I tried to raze the great Rom to the ground

    And let the soldiers sow it with salt

    I tried to walk straight into the lion's den

    Even if it's my last walk


    "My fate is already written

    I'm going to meet the other side

    Now I face death

    And this is my last walk"


    My last walk and I meet the other side

    My last walk on the path of my life

    But no one can say that I was just

    a brick in the wall


    My last walk and I step into another world

    My last walk on the path of my life

    But no one can say that I was just

    the one, the rebeller


    (Everything in my life will change

    A neverending journey I just start

    Everything in my life will change

    On the path of my life)

  • Searching for the secret for so many years

    When he was a young and strong man

    To find the key to eternity

    was his reason to live

    This only wish he could not forget


    "To live forever, so what is it for?"

    He asked himself, but it didn't give any sense

    His restless heart pushed him onwards

    On mystical ways

    By his own thoughts he was obsessed


    The young man is standing right up on the hill

    Reaching for help of the gods and the skies

    Hungry for knowledge and eternal life

    Knowing that this time is right


    Years have passed, time after time

    Neverending journey for the light

    Day by day the will grows even stronger

    Fulfill your dream or lose it by pride


    On a far-far foreign land, he has travelled to

    The magic runes have given the key

    He's becoming old he can't wait

    But his mind is still awake

    "Maybe You my son, You'll find that magic place"


    The old man's still standing right up on the hill

    Reaching for help of the gods and the skies

    Hungry for knowledge and eternal life

    Knowing that this time is right

  • 8The valley of lifeCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Long time ago, as my father died

    And I was just a child

    I wasn't believed in fairy tales

    I put them on one side


    My father was a dreamer

    But one day in my life

    I took all his words for granted

    As he told me about the valley of life


    Across the great desert

    Miles from here

    Where the sun goes down

    Beyond the hill


    Valley of life - I have to search it

    Valley of life - Somewhere far beyond

    Whit my crowning effort, and with all

    of my power

    I will find the valley of life


    On his death-bed my father said me

    You don't have more time

    You have to be strong and young enough

    To get eternal life


    Thousand soldiers by my side

    Across the great desert we ride

    Thousand days and thousand nights

    We're about the valley to find

  • 9One more chanceCB_LISTEN_ON_SPOTYIFY

    Only those men are lost, who don't believe in their own dreams, they can never find their valley

    But we're the only winners take our chances - Stand for faith, finally we have our Valley in our soul

  • Feel, the air is getting hot

    Into the shock

    The sky is ripped in two

    See the pumping of blood

    Ears getting deaf

    By the pressure in you


    I know he owes the skies nothing at all

    Forces of dust are taking control


    There's only one man in the storm

    No one can fight him, oh not anymore

    Watch him defending our lives

    On the cyclone he rides


    Still these forces to keep

    In unholy league

    Salvation to find

    He kills the wicked with steel

    He knows no retreat

    Tornadoes he rides


    Raindrops are blinding his eyes

    On the Cyclon he rides

  • In the heart of the Earth, a new evil has been born

    Fire ran 'cross peaceful lands, innocents were ripped and torn


    Cyclon came on wings of Wind, Lord of Water reigns in blood

    Rules the Earth and rules the air. Is it the evil or the act of God?


    Keeping the balance of power

    Shall the evil reign alone?

    Even Cain had a brother, an opponent

    The Hero had to born


    Misusing the Elements, Evil-powers rise so high

    Fire, Cyclon, Water, Earth - Against the good - Walk beside


    Fire, The breath of the dragon

    Cyclon, Master of Winds

    Water, The power of oceans

    The Earth, Holding the magic from valleys right up to the hills


    Summoning the Elements, Evil powers rise again

    Telling secrets of suffering, you're Welcome! Join the pain!


    After so many killing wars, Million people had to kneel

    The arrival of the Hero is near, Survivor! - Born from the Steel


    Born from the steel He will prevail

    He knows the source To fight evils force

    Forged from the Iron Ceasar of Metal

    Judgement is near It comes by the Steel


    Holding the magic, but never can destroy the STEEL.



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